Singing bowls healing
You will learn how to handle the healing power of the bowls.This workshop teaches you :
- History and rituals
- How to use the singing bowls on pregnancy, birth, on physical trouble,relationship and children.
-Aurahealing, the way to work with Chakra’s, energy channels.
- Nice ( amusing ,funny ,pleasant) things to know about the singing bowls.
This workshop takes two days.

Singing bowls healing therapy especially for children
Children can have a lot of fun while experiencing the music of the singing bowls. Soundmassage, tones and fantasy journeys, while discovering and playing to learn about watermandala’s and so much more.
This workshop takes one day.

Intuitive massage / partnermassage
Learn how to massage with simly improved massage techniques and learn about the use of
pressurepoints and how to combine this with massage.
This workshop takes one day

Automatic writing / Contact your Guide(s)
This workshop to contact your Guide is given in two phases.

* In the first phase, the theoretic phase, we are going into the comprehension of Guides.

* In the second phase, the practice, we are going into the automatic writing.
In this phase you will learn to understand more about the world of Guides ans this will make it easier for the Guides as well as for you, to understand each other.
Getting to know each other is quite as important as getting to know a new person, because every Guide has its own character.
In the second phase, while training the automatic writing, this understanding will go deeply into it and give you a gentle yet direct experience.

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