Elisabeth ( Sissy ) Kokes,born in Vienna / Austria.
While being still very young I appeared to have the gift of particular spiritual contacts.
The difference between me and other therapists is the possibility of offering help to people as well as both psychic, spiritual, and corporal.

I was schooled, among others, by the ‘Willi Dungl Institute’ for Physical therapy,
Manual therapy and Alternative therapies in Vienna.
When I finally arrived in Holland I let my heart choose for the spiritual side of life in combination to my work as a therapist.
To bring myself to a deeper understanding of this (spiritual side of life) I attended several trainings, courses and workshops.
For people who want to make a new start, who wish to conquer their doubts and fears and all those other experiences in between.

To all these people I am able to give a helping hand in finding the balance between Body, Mind and Soul.


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